Included features –

  • Managed file sharing for internal/external parties
  • Multiple folder backup (Documents, Desktop, Pictures, etc.)
  • Granular user-access and security controls
  • Data storage to any data store type (NAS, on-site server, remote server, etc.)
  • Universal file access; sync across stationary and mobile devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad iOS)
  • Active Directory integration
  • Revised file backup
  • Rapid deployment (10-minute server setup, 5-minute user onboarding)
  • Continuous, real-time backup
  • Custom deleted file retention periods
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption, on device and in-transit Encryption key management
  • Remote wipes of desktops and devices

Key benefits –

  • Uses robust 448 bit Blowfish encryption for all data that is sent into the cloud. This not only allows you to meet compliance requirements, it also ensures no access to data to anyone without an encryption key.
  • Administrative access controls allow administrators to create rules and privileges for different users to help ensure a file does not get into the wrong hands.
  • Wipe features also can prevent users that are leaving a company from accessing sensitive company files/ information once they leave.