emailSHIELD Protection Service
emailCONTINUITY Replication Service
emailVAULT Archiving Service
emailSECURE Encryption Service
ArcLight emailSHIELD, powered by McAfee, is a secure, hosted service that provides enterprise-grade spam and virus protection and email content filtering, delivering cost-effective email management. emailSHIELD scans, analyzes and filters your incoming and outgoing email and email attachments to protect your network and IT equipment from viruses, spam, spyware and other malware. emailSHIELD also features a rules-based content management engine, image filtering, and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. emailSHIELD resides outside your network; it therefore requires no additional on-site hardware or software installation, it does not drain your server’s processing power and memory, and it will not slow down your network. emailSHIELD blocks threats and unwanted content before they reach your network. Should a machine on your network become infected, emailSHIELD’s outbound spam filter will detect and block spam being sent from your business to your valued customers and other recipients. emailSHIELD protects you and your business’ reputation.

ArcLight emailCONTINUITY, powered by McAfee, is a hosted continuity solution for an organization’s on-premise email server. It ensures rapid email failover in the event of a server outage with complete and constant replication that is available through browser-based webmail. emailCONTINUITY maximizes email availability with continuous and automatic synchronization of emails. emailCONTINUITY provides a secure, easy-to-use web interface for your users and administrators to compose, send, receive, and manage emails during any email server outage or disaster with uninterrupted protection for all inbound and outbound messages. When your email server is restored, emailCONTINUITY synchronizes and delivers an accurate record of up to 60 rolling days of outage-period email activity.

ArcLight emailVAULT, powered by McAfee, enables an organization to capture and index all email and attachments in one centralized, hosted, searchable archive. emailVAULT provides unlimited, in-the-cloud storage for your email. This easy-to-use message archiving service is always up, never grows obsolete, and doesn’t require the ongoing management and maintenance associated with hardware-based solutions, such as tape backups. Tamperproof storage to meet compliance — emailVAULT securely pulls messages from your server and stores them using 256-bit encryption. Dual commit message capture ensures emails aren’t deleted from your server until accurate copies are made and verified. This integrated data security prevents message tampering, reduces legal liabilities, and helps ensure compliance with federal and industry regulations covering email communications. emailVAULT search features expedite finding specific messages for review, compliance, and e-discovery. Easily access a single message — or thousands of messages — in seconds, using either simple or advanced search criteria, including sender, recipient, date range, message content, and even attachment content.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts currently mandates encryption of all personal information concerning Massachusetts residents that will travel across public networks or be transmitted wirelessly. This includes Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and state-issued identification card numbers, financial account numbers, credit card and debit card numbers, with or without any required security code, access code, personal identification number or password, that would permit access to a resident’s financial account.

ArcLight emailSECURE, powered by ZixCorp, helps your organization meet legal, compliance and regulatory standards by enabling on-the-fly email encryption and by automatically encrypting messages that contain sensitive information defined by email policies that you establish. Administrators can create additional content‐based policies to help comply with the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and data privacy regulations.