Workstations are the interface to your network environment. ArcLight Sentinel for Workstations proactively monitors your desktops and network-connected laptops 24x7x365 for hard drive utilization, errors, and hardware-related faults and failures. ArcLight Sentinal for Workstations also monitors anti-virus protection status, scans for spyware, monitors status of scheduled data backups, performs security and general operating system patch deployment and patch failure remediation, performs regularly scheduled removal of temporary files that can cause reduced hard drive space and processing performance, and conducts regularly scheduled network inventory and asset reporting by scanning hardware, software, and operating system settings from users’ workstations.

Workstation security begins with robust anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. That’s why ArcLight Sentinel for Workstations includes, at no additional charge, our managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware package, which are enterprise-class anti-malware solutions regularly updated with the latest definitions to ensure the latest protection. Does your business already have a preferred business-class anti-virus solution in place? No problem! ArcLight Sentinal for Workstations monitors the status of many popular anti-virus solutions.

Solid IT support requires ease of two-way communication with your IT professionals. ArcLight Sentinel for Workstations includes installation of the ArcLight Sentinel Communicator, which enables users to submit support tickets simply by clicking on the ArcLight icon residing in the system tray. The Sentinel Communicator also enables ArcLight to quickly and efficiently communicate with end users. Messages sent by ArcLight are also accessed with a simple click of the ArcLight icon.

Subscribers to ArcLight’s Sentinel Premium managed services bundle also receive, at no additional charge, UNLIMITED User Remote Desktop Access via LogMeIn Pro. Simply sign in to the ArcLight Client Portal from any web browser to access your office workstation and your office applications. You can even transfer files to and from your office workstation. Enjoy unlimited remote access to your work computer anytime and from anywhere in the world with internet access.