Network servers are the indispensable keystone of your IT infrastructure. They govern the interconnectivity of your workstations, they host your critical data, they generate your data backups, and in many environments they are even responsible for hosting your email. Server failure can seriously interrupt your business operations.

ArcLight Sentinel for Servers keeps a constant watch over your network servers 24x7x365. When an unmonitored server develops a fault or begins to fail, it can sometimes take hours for the problem to be detected by you or your staff — critical time during which a fault can be resolved or a critical failure averted.

Around-the-clock, ArcLight proactively monitors key software running on your servers, including the operating system and the status of all essential applications and processes, such as your anti-virus protection, your back up solution, your Microsoft Exchange email service, and your SQL databases. We also monitor and guard against hardware performance issues, including processor and memory utilization issues, unplanned re-boots, and power outages.

ArcLight even monitors your servers’ internal temperatures. A sudden and significant internal temperature shift can indicate a change in the environment of the room where the server is kept, or an internal mechanical fault. A malfunctioning A/C cooling system in your IT equipment room can seriously damage not only server, but the surrounding equipment as well. Failure of your server’s internal cooling fan can lead to hard drive corruption and damage, data loss, and even systemic “heat death”. If your server’s fan should suddenly fail at 2:00 AM, ArcLight receives an alert, and often we will have the opportunity to prevent serious damage. If a problem occurs overnight and is correctable via remote access or on-site troubleshooting, we can work to remediate the problem before you and your staff arrive at work in the morning.

ArcLight Sentinel for Servers keeps us informed about the status of your network servers, even while you sleep, so that you won’t have to worry about errors and faults, both small and large, which, if left undetected, can lead to major hardware and software failures that interrupt your business operations.