ArcLight LUMOS is a new approach for your IT infrastructure. A LUMOS environment eliminates the high upfront capital expense associated with purchasing conventional new or replacement servers and workstations by employing LUMOS Cloud Servers to host virtualized servers and workstations. Each LUMOS Cloud Server is a complete system consisting of processing capacity (CPU, memory), advanced storage and virtualization technologies. You can start with one or two LUMOS Cloud Server nodes and then add additional nodes as more processing and storage capacity is needed. Multiple LUMOS Cloud Server nodes combine to form a highly redundant and high failure-tolerant computing grid. With built-in business continuity and data protection features, ArcLight LUMOS is a private (on-site) cloud solution that provides all of the benefits of a 21st century IT infrastructure, but at a predictable and affordable monthly price.

ArcLight LUMOS is a highly versatile solution. You can migrate your entire current server and workstation infrastructure to the LUMOS environment or gradually migrate over time, system-by-system. Do you prefer to maintain your current conventional servers for now? ArcLight also offers LUMOS Clone Servers, which are a specially-configured LUMOS Cloud Servers that act as on-site “hot spare” failover servers. In the event of a sudden server failure, this stand-by server is at the ready to take over all server functions; the transition is seamless and typically takes less than an hour to complete. With a LUMOS Clone Server in place, primary server failure need not have a devastating impact on your business operations.

LUMOS supports virtualizing the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Linux Debian
  • Linux SUSE
  • Linux Mandrake
  • Linux Red Hat
  • Linux Solaris
  • Linux BSD

Key Features and Benefits of LUMOS

Virtual Workloads
High Availability
Virtual Templates
Cloud Clients
Thin Clients
Data Retention
Data Protection
The CPU, memory and storage resources of LUMOS Cloud Servers are allocated to each virtual workload (i.e., virtual server or virtual workstation). When you need to expand, you can easily add LUMOS Cloud Server nodes to increase available resources for additional virtual servers and workstations.
Even if an entire Cloud Server node fails, your infrastructure will continue to function. Downtime and work interruption resulting from server failure is virtually eliminated.
LUMOS Cloud Servers are modular, and additional nodes can be added with ease to increase existing available resources and expand your infrastructure as needed.
Templates greatly reduces the time it takes to build virtual servers or workstations to add to your environment. ArcLight can create customized virtual template configurations so that additional virtual servers and workstations can be rolled out in large or small deployments, and much faster than is possible with conventional hardware systems.
Clients are the interfaces through which you access the virtual workstations residing on a LUMOS environment. Almost any desktop or laptop — whether legacy or new, Windows-based or Linux-based — can be configured to serve as a Cloud Client through the use of a free and lightweight software application. Because system resources are provided at the Cloud Server level, you no longer need to invest in expensive high-end workstations in order to enjoy high performance.
Thin Clients are specialized hardware that can be used to access virtual workstations in lieu of traditional desktop systems. Thin Clients save workspace, consume significantly less power, and produce less heat than traditional desktops. Thin Client hardware, which is substantially less expensive than traditional desktop workstations, is the perfect “Green IT” solution.
Have you ever accidentally deleted an important file and cleared your Recycle Bin only to realize too late that your vital information is lost forever? LUMOS retains your deleted data for up to 90 days. Long-term off-site retention is also available.
LUMOS uses a revolutionary cloud file system that writes data across multiple hard drives over multiple Cloud Server nodes, which greatly reduces the risk of data loss even if more than one hard drive were to fail. With as few as three Cloud Server nodes, you also add the benefit of the level of protection known as RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent Nodes), so that even the loss of an entire Cloud Server node need not result is any data loss. The LUMOS cloud file system helps ensure that your data is preserved and protected from the moment it is written.

LUMOS Aurora

LUMOS Aurora is a business continuity and disaster recovery add-on that integrates with LUMOS Cloud Servers. Aurora is an ideal data backup and recovery solution for offices still relying on traditional physical servers and workstations, as well as offices running the full LUMOS infrastructure platform.

Data Mirroring
Data Recovery
Failover Virtualization
Bare Metal Recovery
Granular Exchange Recovery
Offsite Replication
Protection Beyond Servers
LUMOS Aurora captures data on your physical desktops and servers to provide near real-time data protection as data is continuously backed up to one or more LUMOS Cloud Servers. Once saved to a LUMOS Cloud Server, your data benefits from all of the built-in data protections offered by the LUMOS platform.
With the Aurora Time Traveler utility, data recovery takes mere minutes. Files, folders, databases, or any other data on Aurora-enabled servers and workstations can be recovered to any 15-minute point-in-time from the past day and beyond.
For servers, it used to make sense to keep a spare system or parts for the existing server available in case of a hardware failure. For software problems, backups were regularly taken and the server was reloaded. For desktops it was less practical to keep a one to one spare ratio. At most, a handful of desktops were kept “in reserve” should one fail. All of this is time consuming and costly. Why not let your backup device also function as your business continuity and disaster recovery solution? Aurora is capable of hosting virtual workloads of failed servers or desktops. The data is continuously being mirrored from your physical desktop or server into a LUMOS environment. Mirrored data can be easily configured to run as a virtual workload; that is, as virtual servers or virtual workstations running on LUMOS Cloud Servers.
When a disaster occurs time is crucial. Keeping an identical system ready to go can be expensive. Keeping a generic system ready to go can be more cost effective, but then requires significant time reinstalling and reconfiguring. Aurora’s Bare Metal Recovery capability greatly reduces the time it takes to restore a failed machine to another physical machine. Aurora-enabled physical Windows servers and workstations can be rebuilt from any previous point-in-time restore point. Rebuilds can occur to similar or dissimilar hardware or to virtual environments.
Aurora adds email continuity by integrating Ontrack PowerControls, which uses the data backed up to LUMOS Cloud Servers to easily restore lost or accidentally deleted email messages, attachments, mailboxes, calendar entries, contacts, or entire EDB files. Individual mailbox items can be restored directly to your production Microsoft Exchange Server or any PST Outlook data file.
A critical component of any disaster recovery plan is making sure that there are multiple copies of critical data in multiple locations. Aurora provides this functionality by replicating data from LUMOS Cloud Servers to an offsite datacenter. Data transport is encrypted and the transfer is verified at the packet level. Aurora also provides the ability to send data to a network share for those that choose not to use one or more remote datacenters.
Traditional business continuity solutions typically only provide coverage for servers. This ultimately leads to unprotected resources in your disaster recovery plans, which translates into time-consuming re-installations after a disaster has occurred. Aurora extends business continuity to desktop and laptop users with near-zero impact on system performance and no user intervention required.

In Summary — Why LUMOS?

Enjoy the Cloud Benefits from a highly flexible and extensible private cloud solution that optimizes resources. As an Out-of-the-Box Solution, LUMOS includes all the necessary components to provide infrastructure virtualization, business continuity, and network storage. 

LUMOS is an Affordable and cost-effective approach that allows you to build out a private cloud for today and expand that cloud in the future. LUMOS allows you to retain your same investment without starting over with new hardware or software every time you need to upgrade. 

LUMOS is Reliable. Data is written to LUMOS Cloud Servers in ways that only a portion of the original data is required in order to reconstruct the original data. With protection down to the byte level, you can be confident that your data is protected from incidental or accidental corruption. LUMOS environments are built to withstand the loss of anywhere from two to seven hard drives. An entire cloud server node can be replaced without scheduling system downtime or affecting user productivity. 

LUMOS is an On-site private cloud infrastructure that you deploy locally in your office. By brining datacenter technology to the office, your users can experience the benefits of cloud computing while retaining complete control over your information.

LUMOS Aurora adds an integrated and complete Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution. For true disaster recovery additional copies of your data must be available in multiple locations. With the LUMOS Aurora add-on, LUMOS can create encrypted transportable mirror files for Off-site Replication to one or more remote datacenters.

ArcLight LUMOS is the all-in-one IT infrastructure solution for the 21st century.